SA1: 3Hz to 10MHz

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SA1: 3Hz to 10MHz



Singled ended configuration

Gain: fixed X1000
Bandwidth: 3Hz to 10MHz

This amplifier can be optimized for various source impedances:

Noise Properties
1 —
en = 850pV/rtHz, in = 4.0 fA/rtHz, Ropt=210Kohm
2 — en = 600pV/rtHz, in = 4.0 fA/rtHz, Ropt=150Kohm
3 — en = 420pV/rtHz, in = 4.1 fA/rtHz, Ropt=100Kohm (standard)
4 — en = 300pV/rtHz, in = 4.2 fA/rtHz, Ropt=70Kohm

Input Properties
1 —
Cin = 8pF, Ib = 0.38pA, Rin = 1GOhm
2 — Cin = 16pF, Ib = 0.75pA, Rin = 1GOhm
3 — Cin = 32pF, Ib = 1.5pA, Rin = 1GOhm
4 — Cin = 64pF, Ib = 3.0pA, Rin = 1GOhm

The input is protected with low leakage ESD diodes.

pV = 10^-12V, fA = 10^-15A, pA = 10^-12A
Ropt is the optimal source impedance. Cin is the input capacitance. The resistance to ground on the input is 1Gohm, Ib is the input bias current.

The standard amp is variant 3.

We can adjust the gain if x1000 is not quite optimal for your application.

These amplifiers are typically about a factor of 10 lower noise than the standard voltage amplifier from Stanford Research, and the input noise on a typical lockin amplifier.

We supply an external power supply which can accept 90VAC-240VAC (47-63Hz), and connects to the amplifier with a standard 5-pin DIN. If you would like a different power connector, please send this to us.

If these parameters are not quite right for you, send us an note and describe your application (source impedance, cables, frequency, ect) and lets see if we can make something perfect for you.

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